US Patent 4795643

Medicament with a delayed release of active ingredient


Dr. Pawan Seth, Ph.D., Inventor


In addition to the active ingredient, the capsules contain a nonionic surfactant consisting of a polyglycol ester or ether having hydrophilic and lipophilic portions, and an organic polymer which is capable of forming a free-flowing composition with the active ingredient and the surfactant. The essential point for the delay in release is the matching of the water-solubility of the active ingredient and the hydrophilic/lipophilic character (HLB value) of the surfactant as follows:

Inventors: Seth; Pawan (Oberwil, CH)
Assignee: Mepha AG Dornacherstrasse 114 (Aesch, CH
Appl. No.: 07/067,148
Filed: June 29, 1987

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